Chia to the rescue!

Chia to the rescue!


I was halfway through whipping up a recipe the other day that called for 3 eggs.

Opened the fridge, peered in expectantly.


Zero eggs.

A handy solution if you ever run out of eggs, you’re trying to bake or you just feel like going vegan for a day!

Replace each egg with 1 Tbs Chia and 3 Tbs water, stirred to an ‘eggy’ consistency.

Can you believe it?

It totally worked and my meatless tofu balls were saved.


Also, the benefits of chia seeds are endless.

Here’s a little link if you’re interested!

Erin x

Dear friends,

Dear friends,

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Dear friends,
I’m truly interested in you.
What do you really want!
I’d love you to post below.
What do you like reading about, which posts of mine do you find engaging?
What do you want more of?
How can I help you improve your health, happiness and wellbeing?
To quote Jerry Maguire…
“Help me, help you!”
Thanks in advance!
Erin x


To all the Melbourne foodies

To all the Melbourne foodies

Pumpkin gnocchi and a Matcha bun burger from Matcha Mylkbar, St Kilda

Two relatively new foodie haunts situated only 10 minutes from each other in South Melbourne and St Kilda, you should make the trip if you haven’t already.
You might even be lucky enough to meet Lola like some of my friends were at the first one!

My first Thursday treat for this holidays was a visit to Lola Berry’s new South Melbourne Market smoothie haven, Happy Place. We were faced with a typically wintery June day so took the warm Beetroot and hibiscus latte option as a smoothie alternative! It was pink. Enough said. A point of difference from the last beetroot latte I had in Mornington… a little sweeter thanks to the hibiscus, and similarly delicious. I blogged about my visit to Store Fifteen here. We also tried a couple of delicious raw treats. Have you been to Lola’s Happy Place  yet? What’d you think?

After a little wandering  and a South Melbourne traipse. I was swiftly collected by my friendly, car-less (not careless!) buddy Sara. We could both barely contain our excitement for our first (but probably not only) visit to Matcha Mylkbar.

Green everything ensued. We happily picked menu items to share (hooray for vegan meals enabling sharing!) and split a green bunned burger and gnocchi. My expectations were met in abundance! Not overpriced for the area, generous portions without overdoing it and mylk lattes to finish.

If you haven’t tried making your own nut mylk….I’ve shown you how to give it a go here.

Where to try next? Have you got any brilliant tips for new places in Melbourne to try? Help me out foodie friends!


Erin x

The dirty dozen and the clean fifteen

The dirty dozen and the clean fifteen

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Have you ever uttered the following?

“Organic? I can’t afford to eat organic!”

I, for one, have certainly thrown that line out before in frustration directed towards the expense of purchasing produce labelled organic.

BUT. I’ve been trying really hard to continue the cleansing process of ridding my cabinets of chemically laden STUFF. Including my nonexistent pantry.

Considering the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen is a good way of getting started with organic produce OR to prioritise the fruits and vegetables that you should steer towards buying organically if this is on your importance radar. Specifically, these are the fruits and vegetables that we have to worry about the most and the least in terms of the pesticide load that they bear

The Environmental Working Group share that, in order to avoid the most pesticide laden fruit and veg we would be best to try to buy the dirty dozen, organic where possible.

I definitely try and be mindful of this when purchasing but it’s also important to use common sense! It something is thick skinned or has covered flesh it’s going to be cleaner and greener that something with thin skin that is more exposed to the environment.

Do you purchase organic produce? I’d be interested to hear from you!

Erin x



Everyone loves a freebie!

Everyone loves a freebie!


I’ve got a little competition running, you may have noticed!

All you have to do to win a doTERRA wild orange essential oil is

  • Like my WIN! photo on the Facebook page Healthy Erin or Instagram account @erycole
  • Tag a buddy that loves a freebie and a bit of health and wellness inspiration!
  • Make sure you’re following me on Facebook and Instagram
  • Cross your fingers and hope you win so that you can make some amazing, sugar free treats, packed with a citrusy boost!

Feel free to go nuts with the tagging!

The winners will be announced next Friday the 20th of May.

I’ll also accept comments on this post too if you like!

Good luck!


Have you met Nat?

Have you met Nat?

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A few things have popped up for me over the last couple of months in terms of my health and wellbeing. Without getting into the nitty gritty deets, I’ve spent a fair amount of time researching and reading about women’s health. Learning more about myself (and the sisterhood!) in the process.

I did one of Nat Kringoudis’ debunking workshops a week or so ago and it was an absolute eye opener. The connections I made with my experiences and some of the clinical references described in relation to patients that she regularly sees in her clinic, were quite bizarre. Synchronicity. Right when I need it.

So if you haven’t already ladies, click here to visit her website and learn more about her ebooks and debunking ecourses.

You can also join her wellness collective for special offers, access to videos and free webinars*

Do you recommend or follow any wellness experts? Share below!

*FYI I only recommend things that I’ve actually found useful and accessed myself. I don’t receive any benefits from the recommendation.


It’s been a while…!

It’s been a while…!

Life got busy.

I’m recommitting to the blog-life though. I promise!!

A few months ago I gave Beet and Turmeric Kvass a go, do you remember? Three months have flown since my last post – this time of the year is hectic for teachers.

The kvass was ohhhhhk, but not amazing to be honest. I had high hopes.

Back to the “IQS-ferment-happy-gut” drawing board! I’m starting a Fermented Turmeric Tonic off today after making an exciting, fresh turmeric discovery at La Manna this morning. That stuff is hard to get sometimes!

A pretty simple recipe – click the link above for the specifics on Sarah Wilson’s page.


1. Thinly Slice 1C of fresh Turmeric


2. Pop it in a pot with 6C of water and 3/4C rice malt (I used less, more like 1/2C)

3. Bring to the boil and then simmer for 20 min.


4. Cool to body temp and mix zest of 2 lemons (slice and mill) and the juice (I included the pulp, whizzing it in my blender for a bit) and 1/2 C whey in with it.

5. Now to let it sit for a few days, depending on the temperature.

Funny story…my fermenting history hasn’t been so productive. Mouldy ginger-ade, funky fermented veg, salty kvass to name just a few. Despite this, my outlook remains positive!

Happy Sunday :o)

Erin x