To all the Melbourne foodies

To all the Melbourne foodies

Pumpkin gnocchi and a Matcha bun burger from Matcha Mylkbar, St Kilda

Two relatively new foodie haunts situated only 10 minutes from each other in South Melbourne and St Kilda, you should make the trip if you haven’t already.
You might even be lucky enough to meet Lola like some of my friends were at the first one!

My first Thursday treat for this holidays was a visit to Lola Berry’s new South Melbourne Market smoothie haven, Happy Place. We were faced with a typically wintery June day so took the warm Beetroot and hibiscus latte option as a smoothie alternative! It was pink. Enough said. A point of difference from the last beetroot latte I had in Mornington… a little sweeter thanks to the hibiscus, and similarly delicious. I blogged about my visit to Store Fifteen here. We also tried a couple of delicious raw treats. Have you been to Lola’s Happy Place  yet? What’d you think?

After a little wandering  and a South Melbourne traipse. I was swiftly collected by my friendly, car-less (not careless!) buddy Sara. We could both barely contain our excitement for our first (but probably not only) visit to Matcha Mylkbar.

Green everything ensued. We happily picked menu items to share (hooray for vegan meals enabling sharing!) and split a green bunned burger and gnocchi. My expectations were met in abundance! Not overpriced for the area, generous portions without overdoing it and mylk lattes to finish.

If you haven’t tried making your own nut mylk….I’ve shown you how to give it a go here.

Where to try next? Have you got any brilliant tips for new places in Melbourne to try? Help me out foodie friends!


Erin x

That time I tried a beetroot latte

That time I tried a beetroot latte

Before you crinkle your nose and press the dislike button, hear me out! It was actually delicious.

Yesterday, I went tripping down to Mornington to meet babies and have brilliant catch ups. We visited Store Fifteen for said latte and some lunch.

I had the warm chia porridge pot. A picture tells 1000 words doesn’t it?

Image from @storefifteen Instagram

It was fruity but not too sweet, just right! (don’t mistake me for goldilocks now!)

Touted for its stamina and blood flow inducing, blood pressure lowering benefits, beetroot surprisingly holds its own in the warm drink stakes too. Store Fifteen use cold pressed juice and their own almond mylk to create these little glasses of heaven!

Image from @storefifteen Instagram

I’m definitely going to try and recreate this one with some of my homemade milk that I blogged about here.

I’ve made a golden latte before too – a recipe for you to try coming soon!

Definitely worth a trip to the Mornington Peninsula over the summer months to try their smoothies and juices.

Got any good cafe tips for me?I love finding new ones to visit!

Erin x

My year at IIN

My year at IIN


I’m an individual. I’m me! Different from you, him, her and them.

Bioindividuality is one of the key concepts that underpins the IIN curriculum – no one way of eating, living, or thriving for that matter, is a one-size-fits all.

This year has been a giant learning curve for me in my own health and wellness. I’ve been studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, with the ultimate goal of living my happiest life and how to help others to develop their own set of goals and skills to do the same.

I’ve had the most amazing access to nutrition theories, entrepreneurial advice and experts in the fields of science, nutrition and business, and received a multitude of resources in the process.

Lots of people have also asked me about the school so I thought I would share part of the course and a little more information about how it is structured. Take a look if you’re interested at seeing what a module looks like and the sorts of things that are covered.

Click here to take a sample class
Click the sample class to take a look.

I’ll be honest and make it very clear that there are benefits for me if people sign up using my name or the link above. That said, I am only sharing it as I do truly believe that this course has reshaped my direction and benefited me in every area of my life.

If you’ve got questions about the course, its requirements or my year at IIN, please comment below – I’m more than happy to share.

Erin x


Slow lunching in the Yarra Valley

Slow lunching in the Yarra Valley

Ok. I admit it. I’m a workaholic.

The mere thought of switching off my email and taking a weekend to myself is a difficult one!

Despite this knowledge of my somewhat unhealthy working habits, every now and again I absolutely acknowledge that it’s good to cut yourself a break.

This past weekend, I day tripped with two of my good friends to the Yarra Valley – I’m sure you’ll hear a lot about them if this blogging crusade continues. We visited the most amazing cafe – Meletos – set amongst apple orchards and boasting a brilliant menu filled with delicious choices at reasonable prices. We were greeted with impeccable service and a cosy atmosphere to settle in for the afternoon. If you’re ever in the area, I’d absolutely recommend them. Here’s their website.

If you want to see more of my day tripping foodie adventures, follow me (@erycole) on instagram

If you’ve got suggestions for where my next adventure should be to I’d love to hear from you :o)

Happy Sunday!

Erin x