Chia to the rescue!

Chia to the rescue!


I was halfway through whipping up a recipe the other day that called for 3 eggs.

Opened the fridge, peered in expectantly.


Zero eggs.

A handy solution if you ever run out of eggs, you’re trying to bake or you just feel like going vegan for a day!

Replace each egg with 1 Tbs Chia and 3 Tbs water, stirred to an ‘eggy’ consistency.

Can you believe it?

It totally worked and my meatless tofu balls were saved.


Also, the benefits of chia seeds are endless.

Here’s a little link if you’re interested!

Erin x

That time I tried a beetroot latte

That time I tried a beetroot latte

Before you crinkle your nose and press the dislike button, hear me out! It was actually delicious.

Yesterday, I went tripping down to Mornington to meet babies and have brilliant catch ups. We visited Store Fifteen for said latte and some lunch.

I had the warm chia porridge pot. A picture tells 1000 words doesn’t it?

Image from @storefifteen Instagram

It was fruity but not too sweet, just right! (don’t mistake me for goldilocks now!)

Touted for its stamina and blood flow inducing, blood pressure lowering benefits, beetroot surprisingly holds its own in the warm drink stakes too. Store Fifteen use cold pressed juice and their own almond mylk to create these little glasses of heaven!

Image from @storefifteen Instagram

I’m definitely going to try and recreate this one with some of my homemade milk that I blogged about here.

I’ve made a golden latte before too – a recipe for you to try coming soon!

Definitely worth a trip to the Mornington Peninsula over the summer months to try their smoothies and juices.

Got any good cafe tips for me?I love finding new ones to visit!

Erin x

7 quick (ish!) lunchbox snacks

7 quick (ish!) lunchbox snacks

Image from Time just floats away sometimes!

Are you searching for ideas of what to take as work or school snacks??

I’ve made two of the IQS recipes in the last week which are perfect for a little lunchtime treat if you have a chance to get into the kitchen.

Butterfly cupcakes (which I just put the icing on instead of phaffing about with wings. Who can be bothered really!?

Or what about the crazily good zest and poppy cookie made with almond meal (NOTE: Mal…no gluten!!)

Also remember that both of these options are still sweetened (albeit naturally with stevia) so enjoy in moderation!

Here’s a few other random ideas, mainly using things that you might already have in the fridge or pantry…

  1. Natural yoghurt with fresh or frozen berries – thrown in a container with a smidge of granola and you’re good to go!
  2. Mixed, unsalted nuts and seeds – any that you have at home will do! Almonds, brazil nuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds. Admittedly its great if you have time to activate your nuts (oh god. did I just say that?) But seriously, soak for a few hours and then place on the lowest heat possible for 12 hours – yes 12 hours! Have you tried making your own spiced or tamari nuts? Another nudge in the ‘get inspired and creative’ direction. So simple!
  3. Chia pudding (made in the morning and left for a short period of time it will thicken and turn pudding-y. Served with berries and a sprinkle of sugar-free granola. For a chocolatey kick, add cacao powder.
  4. 1/4 of avo and a sprinkle of feta or ricotta, a little salt to taste – perfection! Especially if you pack this straight back into the avo skin you’ve scooped it from to serve! Serve with mountain bread (thin, flat bread), celery or carrot sticks.
  5. Celery or carrots with a bit of cashew cheese or nut butter.
  6. Popcorn – popped yourself!
  7. Homemade cream cheese (just strain the curds from the whey of natural yoghurt and then refrigerate) mixed with a little seasalt and herbs (chives, basil or whatever is handy)

Stay tuned for photos on my insta account @erycole

I hope these inspire you! Feel free to share some ideas back with me, I’m always on the lookout!

Erin x