A tinge of yellow…

This face scrub is utter brilliance. Left of centre, a little weird and again, right up my alley!

I’ve had white sugar, sitting in my cupboard, untouched for the last five years.

Inspired by Simplicious, Sarah Wilson’s new tome, which oozes sustainable and thrifty ideas to save money and waste. This is one such idea!

Pitta Ayurvedic face scrub

1C sugar

1/3C coconut or olive oil (I used coconut)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp ground turmeric (for pittas or during summer)

The how to is simple! Mix the above ingredients and store in a jar.

To use, mix with a little water and massage into your skin, rinse off!

When I gave this a try, it did give my skin a yellowish tinge (haha!) but it faded straight away leaving my skin silky smooth. The coconut oil works wonders and would be a great body scrub too.

Click the image above if you’re interested in purchasing any of Sarah’s books

I’ve also made a similar scrub with coconut, epsom salts and coconut oil. Try some different combos and let me know how you go!

Have you got any homemade gems that you’ve tried yourselves?


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