Cradle Cap Remedy

Cradle Cap Remedy


Most of you know I’m into using the most natural solutions for myself and now for my little bub, Eden who is nearly 6 months old.

She had cradle cap recently and this is the remedy I used to get rid of it ASAP!

Cradle Cap remedy

  • 2 Tbs Almond Oil (I used Melrose Sweet almond oil)
  • 1 drop lemon essential oil
  • 1 drop Geranium essential oil





Mix in a jar and apply to hair.

Leave for a long sleep or overnight (best to use a cloth under their head to prevent the oil staining)

When they wake, wash hair as normal with baby shampoo. I use these ones…


Comb wet hair with a fine tooth baby comb. The skin just lifted really easily and I dried Eden’s head firmly with a towel to get rid of the loose skin.

If you’d like samples of the remedy or any oils, let me know!


Erin x