To all the Melbourne foodies

To all the Melbourne foodies

Pumpkin gnocchi and a Matcha bun burger from Matcha Mylkbar, St Kilda

Two relatively new foodie haunts situated only 10 minutes from each other in South Melbourne and St Kilda, you should make the trip if you haven’t already.
You might even be lucky enough to meet Lola like some of my friends were at the first one!

My first Thursday treat for this holidays was a visit to Lola Berry’s new South Melbourne Market smoothie haven, Happy Place. We were faced with a typically wintery June day so took the warm Beetroot and hibiscus latte option as a smoothie alternative! It was pink. Enough said. A point of difference from the last beetroot latte I had in Mornington… a little sweeter thanks to the hibiscus, and similarly delicious. I blogged about my visit to Store Fifteen here. We also tried a couple of delicious raw treats. Have you been to Lola’s Happy Place  yet? What’d you think?

After a little wandering  and a South Melbourne traipse. I was swiftly collected by my friendly, car-less (not careless!) buddy Sara. We could both barely contain our excitement for our first (but probably not only) visit to Matcha Mylkbar.

Green everything ensued. We happily picked menu items to share (hooray for vegan meals enabling sharing!) and split a green bunned burger and gnocchi. My expectations were met in abundance! Not overpriced for the area, generous portions without overdoing it and mylk lattes to finish.

If you haven’t tried making your own nut mylk….I’ve shown you how to give it a go here.

Where to try next? Have you got any brilliant tips for new places in Melbourne to try? Help me out foodie friends!


Erin x


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