What to do with your random veg…

What to do with your random veg…

Illustration by Keith Ward from motherearthnews.com

Let me edit that heading.

What to do with Mekaila’s random left over veg (haha so much cabbage!)

I found a bit of cabbage in my fridge that Mekaila kindly gave me the other day! So decided this morning to shred it, give it a squeeze, poke it into a mason jar and let it ferment into sauerkraut over the next few days.

A great side note to any dish really! I always add sauerkraut to my fridge surprise dinner bowls of goodness for a good gut bacteria boost! (If you need ideas for those try here, here and here) I had the red cabbage sauerkraut version yesterday morning with my breakfast too.

The Kitchn have some great sauerkraut-y ideas.

I also provided instructions here if you want to have a squiz back at a previous post.

Let me know if you give it a try.

Erin x




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