My body told me this week…

My body told me this week…

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…that it’d had enough!

I got the aches and pains, sore throat and knew my ripper cold was on its way. Unfortunately, despite the Facebook tagline “Healthy Erin” I had morphed into the unhealthiest version of myself.

I’ll be honest. I don’t get sick often!! Generally I take really good care of myself, eat well and try to be as kind to myself as possible. Recently, not so much. Work stress has crept back, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and have forgotten that little rule that I’d made for myself earlier in the year about saying NO when I knew everything was getting a little crazy.

You live and learn right?

Since the decline into cold-dom, I’ve stepped it up a notch and been doing a few things to take a bit better care of myself.
Here they are in case you’re interested!!

  • Making Lola Berry’s ginger filled porridge for my breakfast: I found this recipe in her cookbook “The Happy Life”. It’s a really winner. Super easy. The only adjustments I made were to omit the maple syrup, replacing it with rice malt in both the porridge and the candied pecans. Ginger is a supercharged anti-inflammatory agent assisting to boost the immune system, sometimes I also make a warm lemon, ginger and turmeric tonic to sip on.
  • Taking a drop of lemon oil in 1/2 tsp raw honey for my sore throat and rubbing a drop each of frankincense and lemon oil on the front of my neck, topically. It was gone-o within 2 days.
  • Drinking lots of water throughout the day, interspersed with herbal tea and occasionally a glass of water with a drop of the onguard blend in it (Orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary leaf).
  • Rubbing oregano oil on the bottoms of my feet for its antiviral properties.
  • Diffusing “Easy Air” blend of (Laurel, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, lemon, ravensara, cardamom) and lavender to clear my sinuses – especially at night when they were worse. I won’t lie, I also inhaled straight from the bottle or from a drop on my hands during the day on a number of occasions, rubbing the remainder straight into my chest.
  • Here are some more suggestions from “The Healthy Chef” Teresa Cutter about how to supercharge your immune system with immune boosting foods.
  • I went for a few walks and did some stretching but avoided my usual 5.30am get ups for exercise this week. This one was HARD. I miss exercise when I can’t do it but breathing is generally a necessity during exercise and I would have sounded like a pug!

What are your top taking-care-of-yourself tips when you’re sick. Share below!

Erin x

NB: All of the oils I use are CPTG doTERRA essential oils. I’ve mentioned my little business recently and am happy to share any information if you’d like to learn more.
Here’s the website where you can join to get the oils at the same, wholesale prices as me. Feel free to ask if you have any questions!


What to do with your random veg…

What to do with your random veg…

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Let me edit that heading.

What to do with Mekaila’s random left over veg (haha so much cabbage!)

I found a bit of cabbage in my fridge that Mekaila kindly gave me the other day! So decided this morning to shred it, give it a squeeze, poke it into a mason jar and let it ferment into sauerkraut over the next few days.

A great side note to any dish really! I always add sauerkraut to my fridge surprise dinner bowls of goodness for a good gut bacteria boost! (If you need ideas for those try here, here and here) I had the red cabbage sauerkraut version yesterday morning with my breakfast too.

The Kitchn have some great sauerkraut-y ideas.

I also provided instructions here if you want to have a squiz back at a previous post.

Let me know if you give it a try.

Erin x



The dirty dozen and the clean fifteen

The dirty dozen and the clean fifteen

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Have you ever uttered the following?

“Organic? I can’t afford to eat organic!”

I, for one, have certainly thrown that line out before in frustration directed towards the expense of purchasing produce labelled organic.

BUT. I’ve been trying really hard to continue the cleansing process of ridding my cabinets of chemically laden STUFF. Including my nonexistent pantry.

Considering the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen is a good way of getting started with organic produce OR to prioritise the fruits and vegetables that you should steer towards buying organically if this is on your importance radar. Specifically, these are the fruits and vegetables that we have to worry about the most and the least in terms of the pesticide load that they bear

The Environmental Working Group share that, in order to avoid the most pesticide laden fruit and veg we would be best to try to buy the dirty dozen, organic where possible.

I definitely try and be mindful of this when purchasing but it’s also important to use common sense! It something is thick skinned or has covered flesh it’s going to be cleaner and greener that something with thin skin that is more exposed to the environment.

Do you purchase organic produce? I’d be interested to hear from you!

Erin x



Everyone loves a freebie!

Everyone loves a freebie!


I’ve got a little competition running, you may have noticed!

All you have to do to win a doTERRA wild orange essential oil is

  • Like my WIN! photo on the Facebook page Healthy Erin or Instagram account @erycole
  • Tag a buddy that loves a freebie and a bit of health and wellness inspiration!
  • Make sure you’re following me on Facebook and Instagram
  • Cross your fingers and hope you win so that you can make some amazing, sugar free treats, packed with a citrusy boost!

Feel free to go nuts with the tagging!

The winners will be announced next Friday the 20th of May.

I’ll also accept comments on this post too if you like!

Good luck!


A little 3pm pick me up

A little 3pm pick me up


Note to self. Here’s a good way to put some pep in your step!

Pop a drop of frankincense, a drop of peppermint and a drop of wild orange on your palm. Rub your hands together, inhale and then rub it on the back of your neck. Dilute with fractionated coconut oil if you have sensitive skin before topical application.

This is great for boosting energy – I’m going to use it when I’m in the midst of an arvo slump – you know the ones I mean?

Have you got any tried and true remedies for combating the 3pm energy decline, that don’t involve caffeine or sugar? I’d love to hear your suggestions below!

Some of you also know, I’ve been trying out different doTERRA essential oils over the last month, I’ve started a little business on the side and am sharing my experiences on Facebook and with anyone that is interested.

Simply because I. LOVE.THEM.

I am an affiliate and receive benefits from sharing them. I’ve said before, I wouldn’t share anything unless I’d had positive and worthwhile experiences with particular products! So please ask me if you’re interested in the business, earning residual income wherever you are in the world or simply trying some samples without any obligation to purchase. I’m happy to provide them or answer any questions you have.

If you’d like to do your own investigating… head here

Maybe you’re interested in reading more about my detox journey, you can do that here and here.



Cheesy dill and veg pancakes

Cheesy dill and veg pancakes

Here’s a quick (fridge surprise) dinner option!

2 eggs

3/4 C buckwheat flour (or flour of your choice!)

1.5-2 C steamed veg (I used silverbeet and broccoli)

1/2 C oat milk (almond or cows is fine too)

1/2 C haloumi, cut into small cubes.

A few Tbs of mixed fresh herbs (I used dill, basil would also be a winner)

Coconut oil for frying


Throw all ingredients in your food processor.

Heat the coconut oil and fry the mixture in batches.

Pat, pat, pat with a paper towel.

Makes 8-10

Eat with a delicious salad!

Lunch for tomorrow, sorted!


Make it faster tip: Steam extra veg to store in the freezer for when you need a quick throw together meal.

Sustainable idea: Use leftover steamed veg in these to save waste.

More flavour combo ideas please!


If you haven’t tried this vegetable yet…

If you haven’t tried this vegetable yet…

….chop chop!!

Spag squash.png
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Spaghetti squash is the most ridiculous thing. It blows my mind every time I bake it.

Once cooked, add any kind of (sugar-free!) pasta sauce. Homemade if you’re feeling enthused! It would work well as a delicious side or could be whipped up into a main if served with a source of protein like meatballs, tempeh or even whizzed up pesto.

Here’s how to prepare it:

  • Cut in half lengthways
  • Brush with a little oil
  • Add a little salt and pepper
  • Roast for about 4o minutes, cut side down until it is tender.
  • Remove the seeds with a spoon and then scrape the vegetable tendrils out with a fork.


Nothing like an infographic to clear things up! (This says to scoop the seeds first but I think the other way around is easier).

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Other ideas for eating spaghetti squash:

Allyson from Domestic Superhero makes these stuffed spaghetti squash….


Izzy from She likes food makes these little gems… Spaghetti-Squash-Tater-Tots-with-Maple-Mustard-Dip-Main.jpg


You could add it to an abundance bowl with other veg like I shared here or pop it into some fritters with cashews and kale.

Have you tried spaghetti squash? Tell me about it!