What’s that smell?

What’s that smell?

You may have read my post introducing Nat Kringoudis recently.

Since completing her ecourses and learning more about women’s health via her website, I have kept my ears (and nose!) to the ground, attune to ways of reducing stress, improving my sleep and reducing the toxic load that good old life throws at us on a day to day basis. I’m doing the gradual shift from chemically laden health, beauty and cleaning products to more natural options.

Enter essential oils.

Nat mentions their use as cold remedies here.

The Sleep Foundation also shares that “certain smells may have an effect on your sleep” adding that there are benefits in supporting sufferers of insomnia and indications that may show improved sleep for babies and children.

Here are just some of the topical uses…

Image from hellonatural.co

I’ve dabbled in essential oil use over the years but haven’t really engaged properly until the last few weeks. I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils by Elise from The Thrive Hive. We met at Barry in Northcote and chatted about the benefits and practical uses of different essential oils – they are definitely for more than just pretty scents!

Contact me on ezcoley@gmail.com or visit my doTERRA page to learn more and see the multitude of oils available and their associated uses.

Have you used essential oils? Do you have a concern that could be addressed by them? Comment below to share!

To read my post about Nat Kringoudis, head here.

To visit her website and learn about her ecourses click here.

Visit Elise at The Thrive Hive.

Erin xx


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