A garden of gifts

A garden of gifts


fullsizerenderAren’t they as pretty as a picture?
I LOVE giving away the fruits of my gardening labour in the form of herbs and produce that I’ve grown at home.

If you’re lacking inspiration for how you can use herbs at home…here you go!

Mint – for indigestion and bloating.

Spinach or Silverbeet – in a breakfast bowl with a poachie. I shared the how to here.

Lavender – A simple tea using the flower buds, dried or fresh

Sage – Sage butter served on bread. Or use it to make a gargle for sore throats.

Lemon and mint – to add a little flavour and entice you to drink more water. Hydrate!

Lemon Verbena – fresh or dried leaves added to a cup of hot water make the perfect cup of tea to relax with, especially in this wintery weather we’ve been having in Melbourne over the last few days.

Put your herb requests in now friends. I’m happy to share :o)

Erin xx


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