It’s been a while…!

It’s been a while…!

Life got busy.

I’m recommitting to the blog-life though. I promise!!

A few months ago I gave Beet and Turmeric KvassΒ a go, do you remember? Three months have flown since my last post – this time of the year is hectic for teachers.

The kvass was ohhhhhk, but not amazing to be honest. I had high hopes.

Back to the “IQS-ferment-happy-gut” drawing board! I’m starting a Fermented Turmeric Tonic off today after making an exciting, fresh turmeric discovery at La Manna this morning. That stuff is hard to get sometimes!

A pretty simple recipe – click the link above for the specifics on Sarah Wilson’s page.


1. Thinly Slice 1C of fresh Turmeric


2. Pop it in a pot with 6C of water and 3/4C rice malt (I used less, more like 1/2C)

3. Bring to the boil and then simmer for 20 min.


4. Cool to body temp and mix zest of 2 lemons (slice and mill) and the juice (I included the pulp, whizzing it in my blender for a bit) and 1/2 C whey in with it.

5. Now to let it sit for a few days, depending on the temperature.

Funny story…my fermenting history hasn’t been so productive. Mouldy ginger-ade, funky fermented veg, salty kvass to name just a few. Despite this, my outlook remains positive!

Happy Sunday :o)

Erin x