My next Sarah Wilson adventure is…

My next Sarah Wilson adventure is…

Beet and Turmeric kvass tonic

I love fermented drinks. BUT. They are so, dang, expensive! It’s nice to know that there are a few clever kids out there doing a bit of trial and error and creating pretty fancy pants recipes for drinks like this kvass tonic.

My last foray into ferments, ended up a bit of a disaster. Ginger-ade that funkified itself on my bench top. Gross. That said, I have had success with beets and sauerkraut. So perhaps this kvass tonic is my next time to shine!

I’m keen to make amends with this pink brew and hopefully be able to do as the recipe suggests and sustainably pour off and bottle the tonic, and make a second batch with the same ingredients. Here’s hoping!

Plans also in the works to try the beets in a salad afterwards and try the turmeric raw…why not!

I’ll report back in 2-6 days!

You can find the tonic instructions on Sarah’s website here

Let me know if you give this one a go!

Easy Ayurvedic tea anyone?ย 

Easy Ayurvedic tea anyone?ย 

I’m currently heading into report craziness and, as a result, have been neglecting my blog. Plenty of cooking procrastination though, as you can see from Facebook!

Sorry for the super short, quick post but I had to share…

I’ve just had a shot of Jeera Vellam, A.K.A Cumin water – Ayurvedic tea for digestion!
Word is that cumin seeds (one of only three ingredients in this little wonder!) speed up your metabolism and may have the ability to stimulate pancreatic enzymes – hence their digestive claim to fame.

Photo from

You can find the recipe here…

Jeera Vellam – Lee Holmes

I also wrote recently about the coffee alternative, golden milk. You can take a squizย here!