I’ve fallen in love with my freezer.

I’ve fallen in love with my freezer.

I’ve been flicking through, gathering Sarah Wilson’s tips on food waste of late and have stumbled across something that I have been doing for a little while but have felt recently…it’s time. To step it up a notch.

I use my freezer. Sometimes I don’t get home until unreasonable dinner hours and, rather than reach for stodgy take away or packet meal…I prefer to eat from my freezer. I often make and store soups this way. Usually created from all my random left over vegies that are on their way out of the fridge. I trim, chop and have a little chat with them before popping them into my ‘soup bag’, ready for the next batch. (Tip number one. BAM. Have a soup bag in your freezer).

When the bag is bursting and I’m out of freezer soup, I brown a bit of onion in my slow cooker, throw the veg in (YES frozen!), add stock to cover, your choice of spices and pressure cook the batch until it’s done. (Tip number two. Freeze portioned soups for lunches or a quick dinner)

The other thing I’ve been doing with my fruit and veg of late is pre-preparing smoothie bags. I got home this arvo and dinner was a little way away so I whipped myself up a green smoothie to take the edge off – green smoothie addict? I think so! The bags are best packed when you have fruit and veg that needs something done with it – love food, hate waste as they say! Zucchini has even made it into my smoothie combos. I do have a bit of a penchant for anything green! (Tip three – bag those smoothie options)

The last handy tip…. number four!

How often do you open coconut milk or cream or squeeze a lemon and then ‘save’ the rest, only to have it go to waste. I know this used to happen frequently with lemons in my house. Now though, I’ve reacquainted myself with my freezer trays and love filling them up with all sorts of leftover bits and bobs so as to save throwing things out. Here are some examples:

  • Leftover broth from slow cooked chicken to use to enhance flavour when I cook for meat eaters (Mekaila doesn’t know this yet but she’ll be getting a bunch of these cubes with her next delivery!!)
  • Leftover coconut cream – to throw into smoothies or into recipes when required in small amounts.
  • Lemon juice – to add to recipes when a small amount is required.
  • Chopped herbs in water or oil – to add flavour to stir fries, soups or stews.
  • Portioned cooked quinoa – into 1/2 C serves to use as a base to a fridge surprise dinner or lunch.
  • Sprouted buckwheat – ready to make into porridge or dry in the oven for a crunchy cereal.
  • Frozen homemade pesto and dips – I take a couple of cubes to school with some corn chips or veg to snack on.
  • Portioned slices of Lee Holmes’ Supercharged spinach loaf – this works with any kind of loaf, cut up ready to pull out and toast/bake or take frozen to be eaten later in the day.

A fridge surprise combo from earlier this week above.

Do you think any of these tips will work for you?
Let me know!



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