Get a little bit of zen in your life!

Get a little bit of zen in your life!

This past weekend I journeyed to the Yarra Valley to participate in a Yoga Retreat run by Yoga in Daily Life.

Prior to going, I considered this an indulgence. An absolute treat.

Post retreat, having left on Sunday feeling reenergised, rejuvenated and ready for reality…I’ve reevaluated my position. So often I think about giving time to myself, dedicating space, both mentally and physically, to refuel. This retreat was absolutely that. I feel like I’ve been more enthusiastic and productive this week – even more so than coming back to work from school holidays. How can that be?

The retreat focussed on a number of practices, asanas (the physical postures) and their link with the breath, pranayam (breathing techniques), yoga nidra (deep relaxation – read: tip-toe along the tightrope of a state of relaxation and sleep!) and meditation.

We also ate vegetarian, mostly gluten free and some vegan fare for the weekend. Being a vego obviously meant that this type of diet wasn’t much of a stretch for me, BUT it was really nice to not spend the weekend being the annoying one with the weird dietary requirement (aside from the fructose issue, but that’s a whole other story!) The food was delicious and steered clear of the boring typical vego options that we’re oft presented with when dining out – also Larissa’s desserts – WOW. She kindly catered for all of our strange and at times difficult requests.

If you have the opportunity to visit one of these retreats….please, DO IT! The ‘me time’ was amazing. Made all the more fabulous by the lovely ladies that were there alongside me for the ride too! All the other attendees were similarly so friendly and lovely, I’d honestly even consider going to one by myself.

I’ll make it very clear, I’m endorsing but not in any way gaining benefits from sharing this information about Yoga in Daily Life’s programs. I participated. It was amazing. I want to share. Full stop!

Have you been to a yoga retreat before? Share how it was below!!


2 thoughts on “Get a little bit of zen in your life!

  1. I’ve been to a retreat in Crete last year and it was wonderful. We practiced yoga twice a day in an open space yoga studio overlooking the ocean, food was vegetarian and absolutely yum and we had daily massages on the beach. When I came home I felt as if I was floating an inch above the ground. This year I’m going to another retreat (also with Free Spirit Yoga) – this time to Turkey. Can’t wait!!! YS


    1. Oh wow!! That sounds amazing – international yoga retreats would be taking it to a whole other level! I went to one in Bali a few years ago and it was heavenly. Thanks for sharing!

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