Sunday… Fun days! 

Sunday… Fun days! 


Sometimes (read: all the time) I wish that everyday was a Sunday!

This past Sunday I did one of my favourite things. I went for a little market trip – this time only a short drive to Bundoora. Kingsbury drive to be precise, and had a little wander through Latrobe University’s carpark one and two (meeeemorieeees – of my old uni, health science flashbacks and Agora hang outs).

I love to do this for a few reasons, especially at this time of year when there’s a little bit of sunshine to enjoy. Farmer’s markets are obviously a great source of produce, often locally grown and as a result, a more sustainable choice as opposed to a supermarket (who knows how far those veggies have journeyed to get to your plate!?) Apart from my fruit and veg haul, I also am partial to a bargain bunch of flowers! This past Sunday it was the ranunculus’ (ummm plural confusion!) time to brighten my table. Flowers make me happy.😊🌺

It’s so important to make time in your weekend, yes to do things you enjoy but also to slow down. This is another thing I’m not so great at. But I’m learning! Baby steps!

After the market I tripped South East to spend some quality time with this one (hooray, not watching footy!). We had ourselves a little slow down moment of relaxation. I wish everyday was Sunday!

How did you spend yours?


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