Fridge surprise dinners

Fridge surprise dinners


I mentioned recently that I’m a little bit of a workaholic….guilty as charged.
I do tend to work late and sometimes dinner time is a little bit rushed or I realise the pickings are a little on the slim side when thinking about what I’ll whip up for tea.

I love it when a fridge surprise just works. You grab a bunch of random ingredients, throw them in some coconut oil and voila! Dinner is served.
Wednesday night was one such night, did you see it on my insta?

I threw in…
tempeh with a bit of tamari (salt reduced soya sauce)
yellow capsicum
zucchini (my number one fave!)
roasted sweet potato (left overs!)
an egg
sunflower seeds
a little water

Fry this all off and add the egg and seeds right at the end.

You could serve this with quinoa or rice too if you like.

There are absolutely no rules with fridge surprises and I love learning about new combos that just work. Comment below if you have a good one!

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Erin x


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