That time I tried a beetroot latte

That time I tried a beetroot latte

Before you crinkle your nose and press the dislike button, hear me out! It was actually delicious.

Yesterday, I went tripping down to Mornington to meet babies and have brilliant catch ups. We visited Store Fifteen for said latte and some lunch.

I had the warm chia porridge pot. A picture tells 1000 words doesn’t it?

Image from @storefifteen Instagram

It was fruity but not too sweet, just right! (don’t mistake me for goldilocks now!)

Touted for its stamina and blood flow inducing, blood pressure lowering benefits, beetroot surprisingly holds its own in the warm drink stakes too. Store Fifteen use cold pressed juice and their own almond mylk to create these little glasses of heaven!

Image from @storefifteen Instagram

I’m definitely going to try and recreate this one with some of my homemade milk that I blogged about here.

I’ve made a golden latte before too – a recipe for you to try coming soon!

Definitely worth a trip to the Mornington Peninsula over the summer months to try their smoothies and juices.

Got any good cafe tips for me?I love finding new ones to visit!

Erin x

Buckwheat for breakfast

Buckwheat for breakfast


My Sunday morning breakfast was delish! I made The Fit Foodie’s buckwheat porridge.

I’ve tried it before but in a busy week it’s tricky to find the time to cook in the mornings. Going back into term four, I think I might try and make a batch of this so that I’m able to heat it up for weekday breakfasts.

1C buckwheat groats

2C macadamia or almond milk

1C water

1tsp Cinnamon

2 small pears

1 chamomile tea bag


2 Tbs Coconut flakes

2Tbs chopped pistachios

2Tbs dried cranberries (make sure these are organic without added sugar!)

1tsp vital greens

The how to…

  1. Add the buckwheat to a pan with 1C of boiling water and heat with the vanilla and cinnamon.
  2. Once the water is absorbed, add a cup of the milk and stir.
  3. Keep cooking and gradually add remaining milk to allow absorption. This takes about 20 minutes, the buckwheat should still have a slight crunch.
  4. In a pan add 3C of boiling water and the tea bag. Pop the peeled pears in and ensure they are covered or that you regularly turn them. Simmer until tender (Approx 10-15 min).
  5. Pour over the porridge and garnish with toppings.

Some other toppings to consider…

Cacao powder or nibs

Chia seeds

Bee pollen

Almonds, macadamias, brazil nuts, pepitas, sunflowers seeds

Other fruits – banana, strawberries, figs, apple, blueberries, raspberries

Take a look at The Fit Foodie Blog for more delicious recipes!

You could also swap the buckwheat out using the infographic that I wrote about here.

For more breakfast bowl inspiration take a look at my previous post, ‘What’s in your breakfast bowl?’

Do you think you might give this one a go?

The ‘how to’ guide for cooking grains and seeds

The ‘how to’ guide for cooking grains and seeds

What a handy little infographic! This details the amount of water required for cooking and yield from 1/2C of each grain or seed.

There’s a few on here I’d like to try!

If you want a copy of the infographic, head here for a larger and readable pdf copy from

I’ve got to say, my favourite is definitely quinoa. What’s yours?

Sunday… Fun days! 

Sunday… Fun days! 


Sometimes (read: all the time) I wish that everyday was a Sunday!

This past Sunday I did one of my favourite things. I went for a little market trip – this time only a short drive to Bundoora. Kingsbury drive to be precise, and had a little wander through Latrobe University’s carpark one and two (meeeemorieeees – of my old uni, health science flashbacks and Agora hang outs).

I love to do this for a few reasons, especially at this time of year when there’s a little bit of sunshine to enjoy. Farmer’s markets are obviously a great source of produce, often locally grown and as a result, a more sustainable choice as opposed to a supermarket (who knows how far those veggies have journeyed to get to your plate!?) Apart from my fruit and veg haul, I also am partial to a bargain bunch of flowers! This past Sunday it was the ranunculus’ (ummm plural confusion!) time to brighten my table. Flowers make me happy.😊🌺

It’s so important to make time in your weekend, yes to do things you enjoy but also to slow down. This is another thing I’m not so great at. But I’m learning! Baby steps!

After the market I tripped South East to spend some quality time with this one (hooray, not watching footy!). We had ourselves a little slow down moment of relaxation. I wish everyday was Sunday!

How did you spend yours?

Hazelnutty nut mylk recipe

Hazelnutty nut mylk recipe

Nut Mylk
Homemade nut mylk

Making nut mylk is so simple!

I’ve tried lots of different kinds – my latest, hazelnut mylk to use in a sugar-free ferrero rocher smoothie!

Place 1C of nuts to 3C water in a bowl to soak overnight. Use the same ratio if you want to make a smaller quantity, it works fine!
Blend in the morning and strain (using a nut mylk bag, cheesecloth or fine strainer).

It’ll keep for 3-5 days in the fridge.

Also…don’t throw away the nutty pulp!! Freeze it to put in smoothies or homemade icecream!

Erin x

What’s in your breakfast bowl?

What’s in your breakfast bowl?

Source: Erin Cole (@erycole) • Instagram photos and videos

I love a good savoury breakfast bowl with a couple of poachies! I’m absolutely all for avoiding the sugar laden, processed options that stare at us dismally from the supermarket shelves.

Here’s my latest brekkie bowl adventure!




homemade pesto

2 Poachies

Lemon juice

Pinch of salt

And an oat milk latte to go with!!


What’s in your breakfast bowl?

Erin x

Goodness me!

Goodness me!

My September Goodnessme box
My September Goodnessme box

I recently received my ‘Goodnessme box’ in the the mail for September.

SO exciting!

If you haven’t heard of them….check out their website (where you can also get a free whole foods sweet treats ebook!)

Goodnessme is a health food sampling service – so they send out a bunch of things for you to try every month. Each box has a surprise list of contents and aims to enthuse you about eating clean, nourishing food!

You can also review products to accrue points in order to get the bonus product in your next delivery.

Have you tried goodnessme?

Erin x

Ps please note, this isn’t an endorsement, I’m only sharing this as I use Goodnessme and really like it!